Operational Bootcamp with Amit Borat (IMKM Lead Instructor)

3 days of Krav Maga, Operational shooting and Tactics with Amit Borat (IMKM Lead Instructor) Cadre Cricket (PMC) and Cadre Doc (Army Ranger 3/75) just to name a few.

March 17-19, 2017. 0800-1700hrs

Day 1.
Basics of pistol handling, weapon safety, body positions and static shooting for understanding the target. 50-100 rounds.
Krav Maga basics of punches and kicks, aggression drills, basic defenses.

Day 2.
1. How to use covers
2. How to move.
3. How to handle malfunctions.

Krav Maga
Knife defense
Baton defense
Combination of Krav Maga and pistols drills.

Day 3.
Knife disarms and controlling
Baton techniques
Throws and takedown techniques
Operational teamwork tactics
IMKM advanced techniques

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