Operational Bootcamp with Amit Borat (IMKM Lead Instructor)

3 days of Krav Maga, Operational shooting and Tactics with Amit Borat (IMKM Lead Instructor) Cadre Cricket (PMC) and Cadre Doc (Army Ranger 3/75) just to name a few. March 17-19, 2017. 0800-1700hrs Day 1. Basics of pistol handling, weapon safety, body positions and static shooting for understanding the target. 50-100 rounds. Krav Maga basics[…]

Handgun 101

Handgun 101

Course Description: This 2-day Handgun 101 course provides a formal, structured training format for: 1) New shooters seeking to learn proper operation and use of the semi-automatic pistol. 2) Students seeking to transition from the revolver to the semi-automatic pistol. 3) Students seeking to transition from DAO or DA/SA semi-automatic pistols to striker fired semi-automatic pistols. This[…]



Operational K9 Casualty Care (OP-K9CC) is our version of Canine Tactical Combat Casualty Care (C-TCCC) and K9 Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (K9-TECC) integrated together bringing both real world experience and the most cutting-edge information to ensure the most comprehensive care for OP-K9s. OP-K9CC classes available now.

Tactical Rifle

We understand you know how to shoot your rifle or sidearm. Now let Krav K9 and Tactical teach you how to FIGHT with them! Our course Tactical Rifle class is designed to go beyond the norm and covers topics including but not limited to: ballistics, BZO, transitions to pistol, use of cover and concealment, practical[…]

OP-K9CC 5 Day

Krav K9 and Tactical is proud to announce that the next OP-K9CC class will be held January 18-22, 2015. This class will be held at the training facility in Bertram, TX. Housing accommodations can be booked through Cedar Creek Inn. Operational K9 Casualty Care (OP-K9CC) is our version of Canine Tactical Combat Casualty Care (C-TCCC)[…]

Triton K9 PSA

Triton K9 PSA will host club on Saturday at the normal location (235 County Road 268 Bertram, TX 78605). Club will start at 0830. Please feel free to spread the word and invite fellow dog lovers and enthusiasts. This is a family environment so all are welcome. http://www.kravk9.com – https://facebook.com/kravk9