September 2, 2015

Active Shooter Course – First Responder

Active Shooter Course – First Responders

This dynamic course of instruction is designed to prepare the first responder to isolate, distract, and neutralize an active shooter.  The course curriculum includes weapon manipulation, threshold evaluation, concepts and principles of team movement (including solo officer strategies), setting up for room entry and room entry techniques, approach and breaching the crisis site, follow-on responder tactics, improvised explosive devices (IED’s), and post-engagement priorities of work.  The course will culminate with dynamic “force-on-force” scenarios.


Required Equipment: Good attitude, open mind, pen and paper, duty gear, body armor, groin protection, and appropriate clothing for “force-on-force” training  (i.e. long sleeve shirt, gloves, etc. ). Head, eye, and throat protection are not provided by Krav K9 and Tactical but are suggested. Majority of course is outside.


The target audience for the Active Participation version of this course involves individuals who respond to or support the response to any type of active shooter incident including:

  • State and local law enforcement
  • Range instructors
  • Firearms instructors
  • School resource officers
  • Emergency services instructors of first responders
  • First-line supervisors of first responders


Course Length:  5 days/40 hours

  • The first two days have the participants complete the basic active shooter 16 hour course.
  • The third day is devoted to teaching methods and instructor training.
  • The fourth and fifth days are focused on teach-backs, remediation and evaluation of the participants.

Student Packing List for Train the Trainer Class:

  • Participants may bring the following items:
    • Duty belt
    • Soft body armor (if available) Hard body armor if department requires it.
    • Flashlight
    • Long-sleeved shirt
    • Groin protection
    • Writing Instrument
    • Drinking water
    • Bring snacks or lunches. Most breaks and lunches will be short.
    • It is recommended participants have access to a computer (laptop or otherwise) with USB capabilities during the course.