May 11, 2015

Defensive Handgun Maneuver 101

New gun owners seeking familiarity and comfort, as well as those wanting to try something different and learn a new skill, will find this course to be the perfect foundation.

This comprehensive Defensive Handgun Maneuver 101 course provides hands-on training and the basic knowledge necessary to safely handle, load, fire, and maintain most types of revolvers and semi-automatic pistols. Classroom and range time offer ample opportunity to achieve the skills for success in a casual, stress-free environment. This course may also meet and/or exceed the training requirements of many states and localities to apply for concealed carry permits. Check with your local issuing agency for more details.


Course Outline (Defensive Handgun Maneuver 101)
  • Responsible firearms ownership and applications of the handgun
  • Firearms safety for the home, workplace, and vehicle
  • Safety concerns and practices while training and while carrying a firearm
  • Safe use and handling of firearms
  • Locking devices and techniques for firearms to prevent unauthorized access
  • Potential dangers (penetration, ricochet, misidentification, accidental discharges, etc.)
  • Ready positions
  • Components and operation of modern pistols and revolvers
  • Types, components, and purposes of modern ammunition
  • Applicable laws relating to the possession, transportation, and storage of firearms
  • General guidelines on interstate travel with firearms
  • Administrative loading and unloading of pistols and revolvers
  • Fundamentals of basic shooting techniques
  • Preventative maintenance (cleaning, maintenance, inspection, and safe storage)

This Defensive Handgun Maneuver 101 class will help you to develop the skills needed to efficiently defend yourself with a firearm if needed. The class is designed for students that have just completed a Basic Firearms Safety Class and now want to learn the fundamentals of defensive shooting.

In this live fire class we will cover the following:
-Proper Grip and Stance
-Sight Alignment and sight picture
-Trigger control
-sighted vs unsighted fire
-Proper presentation of firearm from the holster
-Multiple Targets

We will also review and evaluate equipment to help you figure out what works best, what does not work and why.

All students will need the following:
300-400 rounds of target ammo (Ammo must be onsite. No Reloads Allowed)
A quality firearm
at least 3 magazines
Magazine holder

Classes are available. Please contact us for pricing and availability.


3 thoughts on “Defensive Handgun Maneuver 101

    • Mark,

      Sorry just got your message. Yes we will have a handgun class 101 in the next month. Please give us a call at 512-909-4642 if you are interested.


    • Mark,

      The class is happening with GoRuck ( It is called “FAD” and is taught by Special Operators from Navy Seals, IDF, MARSOC etc. It is a great class and tons of fun. The next class is 1-20-2018. Please join us if you can.

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