May 11, 2015

Handgun 101

Course Description: This 1-day firearms training course provides a formal, structured training format for:

1) New shooters seeking to learn proper operation and use of the semi-automatic pistol.

2) Students seeking to transition from the revolver to the semi-automatic pistol.

3) Students seeking to transition from DAO or DA/SA semi-automatic pistols to striker fired semi-automatic pistols.

This firearms training course provides students with formal information and training on firearms safety, nomenclature, operation, basic gun-handling skills and use of force laws covering self-defense & personal defense applications.

This hands-on firearms training class develops the student’s skill-set through proper dry-practice techniques, live-fire drills, fundamental diagnostics and structured training sessions that prepares students for the tactical application of the semi-automatic pistol.

Upon completion of this firearms training course, the student will possess the fundamental skills necessary to participate in the: Basic Defensive Pistol Skills Course.

The following firearms training topics will be covered:

  • Firearms training and basic firearms safety rules.
  • Transition from revolver to semi-automatic pistol. (Covered in transition course only)
  • Transition to striker fired semi-automatic pistol. (Covered in transition course only)
  • Nomenclature of the semi-automatic pistol.
  • Disassembly / re-assembly of the semi-automatic pistol.
  • Mechanical operation of the semi-automatic pistol.
  • Fundamentals of shooting.
  • The natural action stance and thumbs forward grip.
  • Mastering Sight Gear 1 – perfect sight alignment.
  • Basic marksmanship and target analysis.
  • Basic gun-handling skills.
  • Presentation from ready pistol
  • Presentation from the holster.
  • Thumb checking during re-holstering.
  • Loading / unloading and press checking.
  • Ammunition management – Emergency reloads, tactical reloads and speed reloads.
  • Malfunction clearance drills – Class 1 and Class 2.
  • Methodology of shooting the semi-automatic pistol.
  • Developing a dry-practice program and dry-practice skill building drills.
  • Fundamental diagnostics and self-correcting fundamental errors.
  • Preventive maintenance and cleaning.
  • Awareness of exposure to toxic metals and solvents.
  • Lawful use of force, firearm transport laws and firearm storage.
  • Standard drill test and evaluation.
  • Course fee includes custom cardboard Spartan dry-practice target and laminated dry-practice rules handout.

Course duration: 1 days (8 hours)

Course tuition: $ 225.00

(Tuition fee includes all range fees and use of loaner firearms)

(The 3-day Basic Defensive Pistol Program combines this course with our 1-day Basic Defensive Pistols Skills Course)

Course student limit: 12

Student requirements: Note pad & pen, eye protection, ear protection, baseball type cap, heavy pants belt or duty belt with holster and magazine carriers, personal defense handgun with at least (3) hi-capacity magazines or (5) single-stack magazines, handgun cleaning kit and gun oil / CLP.

Recommended equipment: Rain gear, sunscreen, insect repellent, hydration system and water. (For outdoor classes only)

Ammunition requirements: 250 rounds (minimum)
(Ammunition is available for purchase upon request.)

Krav K9 and Tactical can provide students with a loaner semi-automatic pistol, magazines and holster rig for this firearms training class upon request.

Loaner handguns available for student use:

  • Glock 19 (9mm)

For more information, contact us at (512) 909-4642. To book online now click here

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