March 5, 2015

Law Enforcement

We offer a variety of K-9 services and  training to law enforcement. We offer, green dogs, single purpose dogs, and dual purpose dogs, all trained to your departments specific needs. All single and dual purpose dogs are fully trained and ready for the handlers course and certification. Our training is scenario based and generalizes their training to “real life situations”.


Detection: All of our detection dogs, both explosives and narcotics, are trained with a passive alert unless requested otherwise upon purchase of the dog.


Tracking: All of our tracking dogs are trained to track on various surfaces.


Apprehension: All of our apprehension dogs are trained to target. They are trained to apprehend in any situation. All tactical deployment and apprehension of dogs are covered with the k9 team in the handlers courses.


Our personalized training, knowledge, and experience is why we are able to provide each individual K9 and handler quality training. Our experience in testing, training, and handling various kinds of working K9’s is why we can provide the training that will help make you and your K9 a better team. We train and cover the importance of working and  handling your K9 as a use of force. For this reason, we use tactical training and handling methods for the safety of the team.