March 5, 2015

Trained Working Dogs for Sale

Krav K9 & Tactical offers a complete range of K9 services for both civilians and law enforcement agencies. All of our programs are customized for each K9, department and handler. We work with every department individually to evaluate their specific needs. Whether your department is in need of its first K9 team, a new K9 for an experienced handler, or is adding a new handler, our trainers are there from start to finish.

Green Dogs:

Single Purpose – Detection and Tracking or Apprehension

Dual Purpose – Detection, Tracking, and Apprehension

**Single and Dual purpose dogs are fully trained and ready for our handlers course.


K9 Handler Courses

Handler courses that provide the knowledge and the skill set to the new handler and k9 team. Our courses are customized to each and every k9 team. Our program consists of both scenario based training and lectures. All handler courses include in house certifications. If your department is required to be certified in a specific program we will prepare the team for that certification course.

All handler courses include yearly re-certification.


Pre-Certification Course

We offer pre-certification courses, whether you will be certifying with Krav K9 or are required to certify in a specific program, we will prepare you and your k9 for certification.


K9 Evaluation

We provide a complete evaluation of your operation and assist your department in developing and or enhancing its K9 program.