March 5, 2015


At Krav K9 we believe that obedience is the forefront of a valuable relationship between you and your K9. Wether it be a family pet, hunting partner, sport or search and rescue dog. We provide many options in choosing an obedience training program that fits the clients needs. From basic, to advanced obedience or behavior modification, we can offer proven effective training methods that will result in a happier, more productive, stable dog.


Basic Obedience Coarse – This program introduces basic obedience commands on leash. Sit, Down, place, A strong recall and MORE are taught to your dog, providing functional obedience for you and your family. We provide an exit video of your dogs performance upon completion. Your dog can participate in a graduation ceremony to celebrate his accomplishment. After our obedience program is complete our trainers follow up by providing an in home session with you and your dog to better show you what he was trained to do and how to maintain his success!!


Advanced Obedience Coarse – This program reinforces the basic commands, off leash, and adds in longer durations for stay, retrievals from a distance,crating technique and more are all options available within this coarse. If there is a certain trick or command you would like your dog to perform, we would be more than happy to customize your training package. This obedience program also comes with an exit video sure to impress! We offer 2 follow up sessions with you in home. It can be a lot of information and we want to ensure a clear understanding on how to continue your dogs new awesome skills.


Behavior Modification – This program is tailored specifically for you and your dog. Our trainer will do a comprehensive evaluation in your home to determine the proper coarse of training.Some of the more common behaviors include unwanted jumping, bombarding the door, counter surfing (where did my steak go?), any and all aggression issues. Please call to set up an appointment with our professional behavior specialists.