November 12, 2015

Multi Purpose Canine

Multi Purpose Canines – All dual purpose dogs herein after known as (Multi Purpose Canine’s) trained at Krav K9 and Tactical are provided with the necessary skills required for Patrol/Apprehension and (Narcotics OR Explosives detection)*. All of our MPC’s come with a nationally recognized certifications. We go beyond the requirements of ordinary training and provide you with the highest quality training available. The benefit of a multi purpose canine is  that the MPC can accomplish multiple complex tasks without the need to invest in multiple dogs; multiple K9’s come with additional costs associated with handling, maintaining and training. This is especially useful for the smaller police departments with limited budget/personnel.

* We train each K9 for either explosives OR narcotics. No one K9 should be trained in both explosives AND narcotics due to safety concerns. A narcotics K9 may improperly alert on explosives and “scratch at it” and this could potentially lead to fatal consequences.

Here at Krav K9 and Tactical, K9 Certification and Handler Certification are included in one package.  This is exclusive of housing accommodation’s. Motel accommodations are provided at Cedar Creek Inn which is only about a mile from our facilities.

All Multi Purpose Canines (MPC’s) purchased from Krav K9 and Tactical come with health records, vaccinations, X-Rays and a 1 year replacement guarantee against genetic defects.