March 5, 2015


Dedicated Protection Training
Krav K9 is dedicated to protecting officers, soldiers, and family members. Krav K9 Solutions International LLC provides leading dog protection training in Austin, Texas.
Schutzhund Training (IPO)


Tracking (Phase 1)
The depth of difficulty differs based on the title being worked towards, but tracking is all about testing a dog’s ability too not only scent but also about his ability to stay focused enough to follow the scent without distraction or frustration. It is also a test of how confident a dog is and how well he works in front of his handler. Tracking is not something that a dog can ask you to hold his hand during! The dog will be required too properly identify articles (by alerting in some fashion such as lying down on or near the object) to his handler that have been left on the track by the track layer.


Obedience (Phase 2)
The obedience work is of a high level that is designed to test the dog’s intelligence, desire to work and please its handler, its ability to take directions from its handler, and its ability to work under stress (heeling around other people, during noises like gunshots, etc.) The obedience work includes heeling work, retrieval work (including over an obstacle), recalls, send outs, stay, along with position related work such as sit and down. It is important that the dog be a happy worker and interested in what he is doing.